Five things that made me happy this week #2

Happy April peeps! Not gonna lie, it’s actually my favourite month… not because it’s birthday month. There’s just something about April. Autumn is my favourite season and it so happens to fall in this month. It’s also no longer the start of the year but it’s not quite the middle of the year either. It also has a pretty name. April. Yes, April. Anyways, I’m digressing. Let’s get into this!

My parents visiting

It’s the weekend before my birthday so my parent’s decided it’d be a good idea to come spend some time with my sister and I. I haven’t seen them in nearly two months so it was lovely having them grace us with their presence. It’s always nice to spend a weekend with family, pretending to be tourists in the city I live in and discovering random little knick-knacks and spots. Plus, it usually means free food for a weekend (love you parents!).

Buying my daughter a pretty, wee dress

I have two fur babies and I’m going to write a post dedicated to my feline family eventually. Recently, I went on a trip to Kmart and I must admit, I went a little bit crazy. But don’t tell me you’ve never been to Kmart and not gone a bit crazy? Anyways, while trying to find flea collars for my babies I stumbled across a pet clothing section and I couldn’t resist this $8 dress.


Isn’t she just so adorable?! What a liddle printess! I must say she got sick of it and couldn’t walk in a straight line for too long so I took it off her. It was a glorious giggle though!

Kmart haulin’

Did I mention I went to Kmart and went a lil bit crazy? I don’t go to Kmart often and there’s a good reason I don’t: I spend way too much monies. But my trip this time was brought on by going to the movies in Porirua so after the movie, I thought why not check out Kmart? $89 later and I left with a whole bunch of things – some I need, some I don’t, but I don’t regret my little haulin’ (especially the snood. Fuckin’ love snoods. Love it so much I’m shamelessly sniffing it).

disclaimer: a couple of the items were gifted to me by my lovely sister, Fiona. Shout out to fionamariejackson – check out her stuff!

Beauty and the Beast

I wrote a mini, personal review on Beauty and the Beast and watching the movie was definitely a top highlight this week. I’m not gonna bore you with more details on what I thought. Check out the review. Yes, I’m still thinking of watching it again at the movies.

ticket_beauty and the beast

Creating a basic asf logo

Look, when it comes to creating graphics, pictures or logos I’m bloody hopeless. The only thing I seem to be somewhat good at is writing and I’ve accepted that. I wish I could take dank photos and make sick movies and graphics but I can’t. So challenging myself to create a logo using Photoshop on their 7-day trial was nerve wrecking but I really wanted to try. I must say I’m happy enough with the end product. Even though to a Photoshop whizz it looks like the most straightforward, basic logo that an infant could create. Maybe one day I’ll get better… or give up and pay someone to do it for me but for now this will do and I’m happy with it!

michellerosewrites logo v1

What made you happy this week?

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