Hi I’m Michelle!

Content creator. Writer. Creative. Wordsmith. Design Enthusiast. Traveller. Oversharer.

I guess you could say I’m an extroverted/introverted girl/chameleon from New Zealand in the wrong end of her 20s trying to make sense of this complicated world (and sort her shit out while she’s at it).

I enjoy telling real life stories and sharing the life lessons I’ve picked up, little nuggets of the world according to me, advice on all sorts of things, my sense of style that you’ll hopefully find inspiring, reviews on books, movies and all that fun stuff and a portfolio of my design work because I’m going to be teaching myself graphic and web design. How exciting!

Join me on my (mis)adventures and hopefully you’ll pick up a thing or two you never knew you could!

Here’s one my favourite memes:


… hehe