Why I love climbing hills

I know what you’re thinking. Why the fuck would anyone love climbing hills? It’s hard work and it’s exercise and don’t pretend like you enjoy hard work and exercise.

Well, I’m not going to pretend I like either of those things because I don’t. What I love though is the end result of the hard work and exercise required to climb the hill. Let me break it down for you:

You’re at the bottom looking up. You see your destination and you’re thinking “Fuck. This.” Fair enough. You’re full of adrenaline and your brain is thinking of all the excuses in the world to not do the climb but there’s another part of you that’s telling you “yo, the view up top will be mean g”. You start walking and taking those first few steps are the hardest because you’re still debating and thinking “it’s not too late to turn back now. No one is going to think you’re a pussy for giving up. It’s okay to do it now” because you know once you’re halfway and you give up, that’s when people are allowed to judge you and label you a ‘giver upper’. If you give up and turn back, you know you’ll feel relief for not having to climb anymore but when you think about later tonight, in bed, you’re going to think you’re a sore loser and that you should’ve just kept going and seen the views and now you’ll have to start it all over again and go through all the drama.

So you decide to ignore all those negative thoughts and go ahead with the climb. You’re in pain, you’re sweating, you’re red-faced and you’re well, dying on the inside and out. You’re cursing, you keep stopping for breath and water and you’re trying not to cry. But you push through and you keep moving. Then suddenly, it’s all over. You’re there. You’re up top g. You’re on top of the world.

Suddenly, all the negatives disappear. You look down at the world and you think “I fucking did it”. I did the thing. You take many photos, you show off and you don’t even care about showing off because you know that people are going to be somewhat jealous of the sweet 360 views. You tell your friends, your family, your exes (okay maybe not) and they’re all proud of you.

And that, my friends, is why I love climbing hills. It’s a constant reminder of the hurdles you face in life and why in the end, it’s going to be okay and when you reflect, you’re going to smile at having experienced it despite the shittiness you had to go through in between. Plus check out these sick views:

IMG_2130IMG_1205IMG_1208IMG_1212 (1)Makara, Wellington

IMG_1975Rimutaka Trig Track, between Wairarapa and Wellington

IMG_1623IMG_1625IMG_1613Mount Kaukau, Wellington

IMG_0539IMG_1555Some hill in Wadestown ft. my parents, Wellington

IMG_0730IMG_0732IMG_0735IMG_0736Pencarrow Lighthouse, Eastbourne, Wellington

If you’re in Wellington and need some inspiration of hills to climb, I encourage you to check these places out. As you can see, the views are absolutely stunning!


If you can’t grow ’em, pick ’em


I’ve always wanted to go strawberry picking. I see so many people instagram-ing or Facebook-ing their finds and I was getting really, really jealous. I didn’t know where the hell people were going to pick strawberries so I did my research and came across Penray Gardens in Otaki. Funnily enough, I drive past the gardens every time I drive out of Wellington but I thought it was just a little fruit and veg shop.

One weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to head out on a semi-grey and muggy day. Honestly, it was the best decision ever despite the typical Wellington weather. Before you head into the gardens, there’s a huge sign which shows you all the fruit and veg that are in season to pick and the cost per kilo. You help yourself to a bucket/punnet/wheelbarrow and off you go on a little fruit and veg picking adventure.

I like strawberries. I honest to god do but whenever I buy them from the supermarket, I don’t eat the small punnet in one sitting. Usually I find strawberries that are either not ripe or too mushy. What a waste of average $4.99 for approximately 10 strawberries (if you’re lucky).

So during my excursion, I picked roughly 30 strawberries that cost me approximately $5.50, 3 ginormous cucumbers for $1.00 and 2 huge red onions for $1.50.

I emptied the huge ass punnet in one day. They were scrumptious, delicious, ripe, fruitful, succulent and divine – once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I was kind enough to leave my sister two (or three). She agreed; they were incredible.


Not only was it stimulating and relaxing; you also get a decent workout from walking up and down, all around. And jumping for joy of course because you’re surrounded by freshness.

So next time you’re stuck for things to do and are lacking in the fruit and veg department, I highly recommend heading out to Penray Gardens. It was a whole lot of fun and I guarantee you’ll leave with a huge smile on your dial. Don’t believe me? Look how happy we were!!!


I can’t wait to head back and pick apples, pears and tomatoes!!